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Next Meeting: 15 January 2015 at 1800 at 1616 W. Pershing Rd.
(Annual Meeting)

Board of Director Elections

The Election Committee met on October 14 to verify candidate petitions and prepare ballots for the election for Executive Officers and Directors of the Association. Upon completion of the verification process, all of the candidates were unopposed. The committee then declared the candidates as elected by proclamation. I wish to thank the Election Committee; Don Januszyk, Keith Mayo, Ted Raab, Gene Richmond, and Al Piantkowski, made up of retired members of the Association, for their continued dedication to our members. The Association's new Executive Officers and Board of Directors will be installed at the Annual Meeting of the Association in January of 2015.


Jim Ade


Paul Bilotta

Financial Secretary

Glenn White

Recording Secretary

Jim Raffae


Chris Pettis

Sergeant at Arms

Rich Moravec


Mark Andersen

Mike Barz

Mark McDermott

Gerry Murphy

Dan O'Connor

Mike Rafferty

Keith Rigan

Gabi Shemash

Eddie Sullins

23 July 2014

In response to the City of Chicago releasing CR information, I spoke with our attorney to see what course of action could be taken to stop the release of this material. Unfortunately, the unions have no standing in the matter. This stems from an Illinois Appellate Court decision that the City has accepted, thereby ending this litigation. No local court will grant an injunction in opposition to a case that has already been ruled upon by a higher court. I also spoke with FOP President Dean Angelo who is as frustrated with this issue as I am. The FOP stated that they do not have any legal grounds or position to file an appeal or otherwise intervene.

All of this means, is that lists of Police Department members, who have had a number of CR numbers during a specified time period, will be released to requestors due to the Freedom of Information Act. These lists contain no more than officers names, CR numbers, and findings. Let's face it. We all know that working police officers have a tendency to receive complaints. People that get arrested are not happy to be customers of the district lock ups. Parents are not happy that their "little angels" were arrested. They complain and an investigation ensues, and in almost all of these complaints, the officers are cleared. We've all been subjects of this process. To be on a list of officers that were subjects of CR investigations during a certain time period simply means that you were the working police at that time. It means nothing else. We know that we were doing our job, and at the end of the day, we can be proud of what we did. No FOIA request, or press clipping can take that away from us.



Congratulations to the newest members of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association that are currently in the academy. They should be hitting the districts soon. We look forward to working with them in the near future.

Jaime Alvarado Stephen Anderson George Atriga
Megan Aylward Tom Barnett Robert Bartik
Steven Becker Atour Bethishou Joe Biggane
Vance Bonner Petar Brkovic Jim Butler
Mike Campbell Jesus Cano Bob Carrillo
Tom Cleary Jan Comiskey Michael Corlett
Michael Coughlin Frank Covello John Dineen
Mike Dolan Steve Doyle Jesus Enriquez
Eduardo Escalante Susan Fagan Ryan Fields
Najma Fowler Michael Garvey Tim Gilliland
Pat Gilmore John Graham Velma Guerrero
Paul Hagemann Cleveland Hardy, Jr. Carl Hattula
Sandi Hawwat Philip Hayman Theresa Hickey
Jerome Hoffman Jerome Hoffman Sherman Jefferson
Brian Johnson Maudessie Jointer Rosezita Jones
Brian Kane Steve Keenan John Lorenz
Tom Losik Nick Lymperis Ron Malczynski
Mike Malinowski Fred Marcellino Russ Marrella
Paul McDonough Kevin McDonald Peter McGlynn
Joaquine Mendoza Meagan Remiasz Abel Orozco
Marvin Otten Thomas Parham James Pera
Shawn Pickett Dennis Pociask Tracy Quarles
Tim Quinn Eraclio Ruiz William Scanlon
Mike Scapardine Kristina Schuler Elizabeth Schwieger
Maria Lynn Segina Sherell Sparks Chris Stachula
Larry Thomas Brian Topczewski Michael Trepelas
Robert Walker Angel Ward Emmet Welch
Steven Wilson John Xiques Dan Brown
Mark Flechsig Scott Slechter John Slowinski
Michael Tate Paul Toner  


Congratulations to the 60 newest members of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association that started their training on March 24. We look forward to working with them in the near future.

Eduardo Agron Jose Bautista William Bernath
Virginia Bucki Carol Burns Mike Cavanaugh
Phil Collins, Jr. Robert Creeth Kelly Cusack
Steve Czablewski Xavier Delgado Miroslaw Dobek
Clark Eichman Christina Fico Patrick Fleming
Jaqueline Frausto Christian Gaal Julio Guevara
Brian Gunnell Richard Hainzl John Haniacek
Mary Hein Jerome Hernandez Regina Hightower
Joel Holler Ed Hurley Jimmy Johnson
Bob Jurczykowski Mike Kosala Idlefonso Lara
Patrick Lee Palmer Ross Leslie Tina Lipinski
Joseph Lisowski Matt Malloy Rafael Martinez
Ruben Martiniz, Jr. Victor Medina George Melanis
Kenneth Mescall Tim Moriarty Athena Mullen
Cullen Murphy Nicholas Orlando Elise Padilla
Tom Polick Edward Ranzzoni Toss Reykjalin
Sonia Rios Dave Rodriguez Steven Sabatino
Robert Sekera Isaac Shavers, Jr. Thomas Simon
Chris Sopikiotis Joe Sullivan Gerald Troglia
Tracy Walczak Corey Walker Kimberly Woods

Also, Congratulations to the newly promoted lieutenants that are currently in the academy. Best of luck in your new assignments.

Elgin Holt Terry McMahon Dave Zahn
Bob Peabody Ray Cowin Thomas Beazley
Beth Giltmier Joe Andruzzi, Jr. Jim Ryle
Walter Heinichen Bill Jaski Dave Natelson
Tony Baio Darren Doss Jackie Campbell
class="contact2"Teresa Williams Varrick Douglas, Jr. Joe Brennan
Jonathan Reckard Karen Skipper Marty Tannehill
John Dowd Jackie Ellison Mike Kennedy
Patrick Crawford Juan Rios Eric Olsen
Stephanie Stuart Patrick Gillespie Joe Petrenko
John Maciejewski    

PD Restrictions

The department has identified the three (3) dates when personal days may be denied.

1st Watch
01 Nov 14 (Day after Halloween)
28 Nov 14 (Day after Thanksgiving)
26 Dec 14 (Day after Christmas)

2nd watch
29 Jun 14 (Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade)
09 Aug 14 (Day of Bud Billiken Parade)
17 Aug 14 (Chicago Air and Water Show)

3rd Watch
29 Jun 14 (Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade)
24 Dec 14 (Christmas Eve)
31 Dec 14 (New Years Eve)

30 December 2013

Congratulations to the 30 newest members of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association that started their training today. We look forward to working with them in the near future. With the addition of this group, we currently have 1098 sergeants in our rank. With the promotion of 16 lieutenants that was announced recently, that number will drop to 1082, which is still far below our budgeted strength of 1190. I look forward to meeting with Superintendent McCarthy and his staff soon to discuss the manpower shortages in our rank.

Antonio Alvarez

Richard Alvarez

Michael Anderson

Monica Davis

Andrea Delaney

Ryan Doherty

Dan Durst

Xavier Elizondo

Brian Forberg

Luis Gonzalez

Francisco Gutierrez

Dora Hindman

Debbie Iza

Elizabeth Joyce

Matt Kasput

Shawn Kennedy

Colleen Konagel

Peter Kontil

Cliff Martin

Jim McCarthy

Jim Mullins

Keith Olson

Ron Pellonari

Jimmie Smith

Marilyn Uldrych

Amanda Vanek

Marc Vanek

Sarah Vanthof

Stanley Williams

Arthur Young 

From the PB&PA

In case you were wondering what the MOST STRESSFUL job in America is - - - - -

1. First Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

Stress tolerance: 94
Consequence of error: 71.5...
Time pressure: 76.3
Average annual salary: $78,270

What they do: Directly supervise and coordinate activities of members of the police force.

The 14 Most Stressful Jobs in America

We all think our jobs are stressful, but having a job on the extreme end of the spectrum can mean strict deadlines, brutal criticism, and even regularly having other people's lives in your hands.

September 19, 2013

This morning, we received the award from Arbitrator Bierig regarding the interest arbitration of our collective bargaining agreement. The award, in its entirety, is lengthy and explains the arbitrator's rationale for his decisions. The five economic issues that were raised in the arbitration are important to us all, and I believe that we presented some very good arguments for the arbitrator to consider.

The arbitrator ruled that there are to be no changes to our current benefits related to Supervisor's Quarterly Differential, the Duty Availability Allowance, and the Tuition Reimbursement Program. The city tried very hard to reduce all three of these benefits. Furthermore, it satisfied our position going into negotiations to keep our benefits that we previously bargained for, as recommended by the membership. This means that we will continue to see raises in the Supervisor's Quarterly Differential as our wages increase as in the past. Additionally, there were no changes in the tuition reimbursement program as the arbitrator rejected all of the city's proposals on the matter.

The award did not grant us the 11% wage increase that we argued for. In effect, we were awarded an 8% raise over the life of the contract as follows;

July 1, 2012 2%
January 1, 2013 2%
January 1, 2014 2%
January 1, 2015 1%
January 1, 2016* 1%
*only for the first six months of 2016 - contract expires June 30, 2016

There is a provision for re-opening the contract for wages, if the state legislature enacts increases to our current pension contributions. Additionally, the "me-too" clause with Fire Local 2 Lieutenants and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 remains intact. If either of these unions is able to gain higher wage increases, we'll get them as well. This means that upon ratification of the contract we will realize an immediate 4% raise in wages; 2% retroactive for the period beginning July 1, 2012, and an additional 2% retroactive for the period beginning January 1, 2013. An additional 2% raise will be realized in a few months on January 1, 2014. The 2015 wage increase awarded is disappointing, but could be affected by the "me-too" or the wage reopener.

The award holds the line on free healthcare for those that retire after reaching the age of 55 for 2013 only, and extends the deadline for submitting a PAR form until October 21, 2013 to enable you to retire in November or December of this year. In 2014 and subsequent years, sergeants that wish to retire upon reaching age 55 will contribute 2% of their annuity towards the healthcare benefit. Also, those sergeants that wish to take advantage of this benefit in 2014 and beyond will be able to retire anytime after May 1 of that year with thirty days notice. Those sergeants that retire after reaching the age of 60 will continue to benefit from the free healthcare as they do currently. In short, sergeants age 55 or above that planned on retiring this year with the free health care will be able to do so. Moving forward, retiring between age 55 and 59 will require a contribution of 2% of your annuity, or about $125 per month for a sergeant that is maxed out. Current retirees remain unaffected and will not be required to make a contribution for their health care benefit. The city fought very hard to force current retirees to contribute as well, and wanted these contributions to increase up to 4%. The arbitrator rejected those proposals.

Outside of the arbitration award, improvements negotiated to operational issues that were previously agreed to will be included in the new contract. These include changes to the disciplinary procedures that will allow an arbitrator's review before a suspension is served, a mediation procedure prior to discipline being served upon a sergeant, and an eighteen month limit to the length of investigations. Additionally, district details will be assigned by seniority when premium pay in required. District bidding procedures will be open city-wide with a set number of district bid positions to be filled. Also, the bereavement leave will include brother and sister in-laws under the extended leave clause in the contract.

A copy of the full award can be viewed by clicking this link. City of Chicago - PB&PA Sergeants 156 Interest Arbitration Award

Golf Outing

The Association's annual golf outing that was held August 12th was a great success. A beautiful day and a great time were enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks to the attendees, volunteers, and organizers of the event. The outing and raffle are the only funding source for the sergeants' death benefit that immediately pays $3,000 to the family or loved one of an active sergeant that passes away. Without your help, we would be unable to sustain this benefit. Mark your calendars for next year's outing to be held again at Silver Lake Country Club on August 11th.


The Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Associations will be hosting the Annual PB&PA Convention this year on October 4th, 5th, and 6th. Volunteers are needed to help with this event. If you can spare some time and would like to help out, please call the office at 773-376-7272.

Retiree Health Benefits

On 16 May, the Board of Directors unanimously passed a motion to assist in the funding of legal action regarding retiree health benefits. Attorney Clint Krislov is the original attorney that previously handled the legal battle that led to the soon to expire Korshak Agreement. Krislov, who has extensive knowledge and expertise on these matters, has already begun soliciting current retirees to fund this legal battle which will affect over 30,000 retired City of Chicago employees. We encourage all members to help fund this legal action if they are financially able. The good Lord willing, we will all be retirees someday.

Contract Arbitration Update 10 May 2013

Our contract negotiating team met with the city and Arbitrator Steven Bierig this week to lay out the schedule of the interest arbitration for the contract. Bierig ordered both sides to submit issues that they wish to challenge by May 31. For starters, we are looking to contest wages, and any cost for the age 55 retirement health care benefit. The arbitrator would like to have each side's pre-hearing briefs filed in July so that the actual hearing can be scheduled for early August. After the hearing, the arbitrator will review the briefs and evidence presented and render his award. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

DSS Grievance Update 09 May 2013

Arbitrator George Roumell heard the District Station Supervisor grievance on March 15. Upon hearing the evidence, he ordered each side to provide post-hearing briefs. The city attorney refused to expedite the filing of her briefs and will hold to the July 31 deadline. Roumell will then review what was presented and rule on the case. We are hopeful that we will have this award by the end of the summer.

Contract Agreement Rejected

The tentative agreement for a successor contract was rejected by the membership. The totals were 134 in favor, and 876 against. We will now move forward to advance the arbitration process for the collective bargaining agreement. Thanks to Frank Iglinski, Al Stinites, Kathy Clepp, Liz Nolan, Jeff Planey, Greg Whitmore, Davina Ward, Alex Soto, Bob Mihajlov, John Ward, and Don Januszyk (retired)who did all the work processing the ballots.

Contract Ratification

The contract ratification process is now underway. Please review the tentative agreements that are the changes to our current collective bargaining agreement, and the term sheet explanation of the minimum retirement age and funding commitment as they relate to the city's proposed pension issues and make an educated decision. The Board of Directors and District Representatives have supported this deal.

The ballots have been mailed to you and should have been received by today, February 20. The stamped return envelope should be delivered by Friday, February 22. All ballots must be returned by March 8. The ballots will be counted on March 11 at 1000 hours at the Association office. We are seeking volunteers from our membership to process and count the ballots. Please call the office if you are willing to participate in the process. We will need at least eight volunteers. Also, we have retained the services of Burton Odelson to certify the vote totals. He is a prominent attorney who has great experience in election and civic matters.

All active members of the Association are invited to witness the ballot count on March 11.

PD Restrictions

The department has identified the three (3) dates when personal days may be denied.

1st Watch
01 Nov 13 (Day after Halloween)
29 Nov 13 (Day after Thanksgiving)
26 Dec 13 (Day after Christmas)

2nd watch
30 Jun 13 (Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade)
10 Aug 13 (Day of Bud Billiken Parade)
18 Aug 13 (Chicago Air and Water Show)

3rd Watch
30 Jun 13 (Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade)
24 Dec 13 (Christmas Eve)
31 Dec 13 (New Years Eve)

27 November 2012

In the recent election, through the efforts of our union and many other public employee unions, we were able to defeat the Illinois Constitution Amendment 49. Thanks to all who spoke to their friends and families in opposition to this amendment that would have limited collective bargaining and pension enhancements for all public service employees. Additionally, our General Counsel Ed Maloney was elected to the bench in the 4th Judicial Sub circuit. Ed has served our membership as our General Counsel for the last 23 years and has been instrumental in advancing many issues that faced the Association during that time. Most recently, Ed helped us in recovering over $400,000 that was seized from our former president. Ed will make a fine addition to the Cook County judicial system. Congratulations Ed!!!

With the Board of Directors opening created by the upcoming retirement of Bob Kirchner, Sgt. Glenn White has been appointed as a Director. Glenn has served the Association over the last several years as a member of the Grievance Committee, Contract Committee, and is a member of our contract negotiation team. Glenn will be a welcome addition to the Board.

Recently, the negotiating team met with the department to work out some of our operational issues, but talks with the mayor’s administration have stalled as of late. We are looking into our options at this time to resume negotiations with City Hall. It is our expectation that we will get back on track in the very near future. We still anticipate having a successor agreement in place early in 2013.

Happy Holidays to all of our members and their families, both active and retired.


Congratulations to the 41 newest members of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association. With the addition of this latest group, we have added 125 sergeants in the last few months. Superintendent McCarthy told us that he would promote that many sergeants when we met with him and his staff to discuss manpower shortages in our rank. The increase will help in doing the work of taking care of our people and ensure that the job gets done. On November 13th, the newest group of sergeants entered the academy for pre-service training. We look forward to working with them in the near future.

Jesse Alvarez James Baier John Benigno
Dachae Blanton Dion Boyd Cynthia Brown
Jason Brown Ryan Brown James Calvino
Orlando Calvo Steven Cieciel Tim Clancy
Robert Costello Mark Duignan Chris Gunnell
Richard Heger Yolanda Irvin Nari Isakson
Maria Jacobson Alvin Jones Steven Lugo
James Labbe Matt Lewis Joseph Long
Mark Maxson Vince Morales Dan O’Connor
Elvis Ortega Thomas Pierce
Daniel Printz James Sajdak John Schuler
John Shaughnessy Leonard Shoshi David Showers
Andre Thompson Frank Traynor Joshua Wallace
Robert Weston Megan


Congratulations to the 50 newest members of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association. On September 24th, the newest group of sergeants entered the academy for pre-service training. We look forward to working with them in the near future.

Karina Aguilar Raul Alvarez Thomas Bailey
James Ciannella Elizabeth Collazo David Demato
Brian Devan Timothy Dineen Jennifer Fowler
Salvador Garcia Michael Glynn Kristen Hanson
Thomas Hawkins Adam Henkels Andrew Kadus
Timothy Karpiel Kevin Keefe Luis Lopez
Kathleen Loughran Dale Martin Emmett McClendon
Christopher McHugh Joseph Molina Angelo Monaco
Carlin Morse Samuel Muniz John Murphy
Lourdes Neris Daniel O'Toole Randi O'Carroll
Bohdan Olijnyk Franklin Paz Tyrone Pendarvis
Sidney Pennix Joseph Perilli Erich Rashan
Keith Rigan Angel Romero Brian Roney
Gerald Ryan James Smith Jaime Sosa
Ernest Spradley Christopher Svachula Christopher Taliaferro
John Tierney Sean Tully Maureen Vincent
Anton White Russell Willingham  

02 August 2012

Help is on the way. On July 30, thirty-one men and women started their pre-service training for sergeant. We congratulate those that were promoted and welcome them to our ranks. We look forward to even more promotions in the near future. The new sergeants should be out on the street on September 1. This round of promotion opens up opportunities for sergeants to change districts via the Management Transfer Opportunity for Incumbent District Sergeants (click on the link for B.O.P. #12-0140.02). After the last sergeants were promoted in 2010, no opportunity was granted to incumbent sergeants to transfer to a more desirable district, or one closer to home. We hope that sergeants will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and hopefully this system will remain for when future groups are promoted. Again, congratulations to our newest members of the PB&PA.

  • Tom Barker
  • Dean Barney
  • Ernest Cato III
  • Dominick Ciccola
  • Tom Davey
  • Dave DelPilar
  • Shenetta Durham
  • Allen Finley
  • Jorge Flores
  • John Folino
  • John Foster
  • Tom Gaffney
  • Andrea Heard
  • Mark Kochan
  • Allen Lee
  • Rich Lorenz
  • Ricardo Mata
  • Meghann McCauley
  • Bill Meador
  • Bob Mihajlov
  • Michael Moreth
  • Khalil Muhammad
  • Curtis Mullinex
  • Albert Perez
  • Michael Plovanich
  • Roger Powell
  • Kristopher Rigan
  • Andrew Senner
  • Andrew Stewart
  • Jim Triantafillo
  • Michelle Wantuck

5 June 2012

In criminal court today, John Pallohusky, former treasurer and president, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for embezzling over one million dollars from his brother and sister sergeants of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association. He pled guilty on April 19 and promised to make restitution to the Association. As of today's sentencing hearing, the Association had not received one dime from him or his attorneys. We will now push forward with the forfeiture and civil proceedings to recover as much as possible. The State's Attorney had previously seized over $470,000, to which we made a claim to as an innocent owner. In civil actions, we will seek a judgment for the balance. We had hoped that restitution would have been paid and we could have moved on from this. We will work diligently to recover funds for the Association. I would like to thank LuAnn Snow and Bill Conway from the Office of the Cook County State's Attorney, and Sgt. Christine Blaul, Det. Cheryl Pontecore, and Sgt. Mike Barz of Internal Affairs. Their tenacious investigation and prosecution led to today's results.

Jim Ade

18 May 2012

2012 TOP COP

2012 Top Cops

Sgt. Jerome and Vice President BidenSgt. Don Jerome responded to a call of an armed robbery in progress. With offenders on scene, Sgt. Jerome entered the store and observed an offender run towards the back of the building. During his pursuit and subsequent search, six terrified victims, including three children, were found bound with duct tape. After ensuring the well being of the victims, Sgt. Jerome continued his search. When he encountered an offender and attempted to take him into custody, another appeared and both began to attack Sgt. Jerome in an attempt to defeat the arrest. As one of the attackers attempted to disarm Sgt. Jerome, the other fled. During the struggle for the sergeant’s weapon, the weapon of the offender fell to the ground. As Sgt. Jerome attempted to recover that weapon, the offender attempted to flee. Sgt. Jerome was able to catch the offender at which time, during a brutal struggle to gain control, both crashed through a plate glass window and spilled out onto the sidewalk. This offender was eventually overpowered by the sergeant and was placed under arrest. Sgt. Jerome's Mother and President ObamaThe other offender was caught by other responding units. Both were charged accordingly and a pattern of eight armed robberies was cleared. For his efforts that night, Sgt. Don Jerome was awarded the National Association of Police Organizations’ 2012 TOP COP Award. Don, along with members of the Los Angeles Police Department, New York Police Department, Detroit Police Department, and six other departments across the country were recognized by NAPO. All were honored by President Obama and Vice President Biden at a White House reception. All of the recipients were presented with their awards by actors who portray police officers, such as Law and Order’s Vincent D’Onofrio, at the NAPO TOP COP Dinner on May 12. We can all be very proud to call Sgt. Don Jerome one of ours.

9 May 2012

On May 8, Mayor Rahm Emanuel addressed a committee on pensions in Springfield. The mayor's position is nothing that any of the bargaining agents of any city labor organization agreed to. Nor, were the organizations consulted with to collectively fix the pension problems that each of the funds are facing. This was his typical "shock and awe" political rhetoric to cry to the lawmakers downstate that something needs to be done to fix the problem caused by both state and city administrations over the past twenty years. Although he stated to the committee that the problems are not the fault of city employees, he failed to lay the blame on the city administration. We all know that the market and the economy have hurt our pension fund, but the city's failure to pay its actuarial responsibility to the fund is the main reason for the pension issues that we are facing. We are intelligent enough to understand that the fund is not as strong as it should be, and that it needs some serious tweaking so that it will sustain retirees for years to come. Instead of running down to Springfield and screaming that the sky is falling, I would have hoped that the mayor would have engaged in meaningful conversation with labor. This way, he could have gone to Springfield with a comprehensive collective plan on fixing the problem. I have already been in contact with the mayor's administration, and look forward to working with city hall on a strategy to deal with our pensions.

Jim Ade

Station Supervisor Grievance

The Association has filed a grievance (SGT # 11-037) on behalf of the membership regarding the new special orders on District Station Supervisors. The Executive officer will normally assign a lieutenant to serve as the station supervisor. As it is apparent that this position may be staffed by a sergeant at times, a sergeant that is assigned as the station supervisor should submit an out-of-grade slip for the hours worked. Please keep copies of the out of grade slips, as well as any other proof (A&As) that you worked as a station supervisor and forward a copy to the Association. Only those sergeants that can prove that they worked in this capacity will be eligible for any remedy that is sought through this grievance. Our contract language on this matter is very clear in that a sergeant who is directed to perform substantially all of the duties and assumes substantially all of the responsibilities of a lieutenant shall be paid at the D-4 rate for the hours worked. As this grievance was filed as a class action, there is no need to file individual grievances for these matters. We will be keeping an eye on the lieutenant grievance to see if they get captain’s pay and may amend our grievance accordingly.

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About the C.P.S.A.

The Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association (C.P.S.A.) was established on September 6, 1907. The Association became incorporated on March 3, 1978 and was organized for the purpose of forming an association comprised of men and women who were employed by the Department of Police, City of Chicago and who hold or have held the rank of Sergeant. The goal of the corporation was, at that time, to through the united effort of the members, to promote the best possible working conditions for the members of the association (...“Nothing herein shall be deemed to authorize the corporation to act as a union.”).

In 1998 the C.P.S.A., became a member of the Police Benevolent & Protective Association (PB & PA of Illinois). As the CPSA, the association still actively maintains a social and fraternal organizational structure. As Unit156A of the PBPA, Illinois, the Chicago Sergeants have expanded their horizons and have become not only a fraternal organization but a labor union created to protect the rights of its’ members and to advance their best interests and concerns through the bargaining process.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association is to promote the fair and equitable treatment of all Chicago Police Sergeants; to provide assistance to any Sergeant who has been wronged by the city or department, who have had their contractual rights denied, as well as those who have been denied the rightful benefits that their employer provides; to prevent any type of job discrimination, unfair practices, reprimands, or suspensions which may arise; to work diligently for and with all Sergeants while acquiring and maintaining the best possible working conditions and benefits for all members through the collective bargaining process;maintain and promote a social as well as a fraternal organization; provide assistance to all members and their families in their time of need; and promote the morale and welfare for the collective good of all Sergeants of the Chicago Police Department.



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