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Any Illinois retiree that is interested in participating in the Concealed Carry Weapon Program can go to the “Links” section on our website and click onto All of the necessary paper work is available through this site. After you qualify you are sent a laminated photo identification card, which can be verified 24/7.
Please note that the Pension Board no longer approves Form #3 The Retirement/Separation Verification Form. This form must be sent to the Chicago Police Department HR Division. The turnaround is 10 to 14 days.

Chicago Police Department
Human Resources Division 4th Fl.
Attn: Jermaine Hooks
3510 S. Michigan
Chicago, Ill. 60653-1020

If you plan on carrying your weapon while traveling on commercial airlines, you must transport the weapon in your checked luggage. The weapon must be unloaded and locked inside a secure case. You must also make prior arrangements with the airline you are traveling on. SB-218 requires you to qualify in the state of your Permanent residence!

Please note, in Illinois you can qualify with any semi-automatic pistol or revolver as long as it is a .32 caliber or larger up to and including a .45 caliber.

You will need to bring eye protection. Impact resistant glasses are fine but you will need side protection. A pair of plastic goggles from a hardware store work great over your glasses. Ear protection is also required. The range has a limited number of both for your use.

Please note that the Illinois Concealed Carry for Citizens is very restrictive and if you apply for that permit rather than the IROCC card you must abide by those rules. Several establishments post a “firearms forbidden” sign on their front doors. Illinois Concealed Carry must abide by the sign. IROCC carriers legally do not have to abide by it, however IROCC personnel suggest you respect it. Remember the important word is CONCEALED!

The only south side range available close to Cook County residents is the Will County Sheriff’s Department range. This range is located on Laraway Road just east of Briggs near Joliet. It is located about 4 miles east of the Joliet NASCAR race track. The easiest way there is I-80 west and exit at Briggs south which is a left turn onto Briggs. Proceed about 10 miles south, and at Laraway there is a Gas City on the NW corner, make a left. The facility will be on your right side. When you enter the facility you drive all the way to the back. The staff there is really great, fun and has your safety in mind. DO NOT BRING A LOADED WEAPON ONTO THE FACILITY! Good luck and have fun.

IROCC West Range

Those retirees interested in qualifying for IROCC, now have a range on the west side where they can qualify. The facility is the Article II Gun Range, located at 250 Cortland, in Lombard. No, do not call them, as appointments must be made through IROCC. If you have any questions you can call Retired Sgt. Joe Maraffino at 773-294-9617

IROCC North Range

There is also a range for those retirees living on the north side to qualify at. It’s the Lake County Sheriff’s Range which is located just off I-94 just short of the Wisconsin border at mile post #1 Russell Road. You go east about a ¼ mile, and then north about a ¼ mile. However they only do qualifications ONCE A MONTH. Good Luck!!

Retireee Representative
Don Januszyk

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